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The Stanstead Historical Society (SHS) was founded in 1929 by a group of citizens concerned with furthering an interest in the heritage of this unique Quebec-Vermont border area of settlement. Membership in the Society has always included Vermonters as well as Canadians.

From the beginning the Society was viewed by the community as an appropriate recipient for miscellaneous family papers, business and association records, maps, photographs and so forth. In this way the SHS Archives developed. A collection of artefacts grew as well. Successively, in Beebe, then in Stanstead, buildings were acquired by the Society to house what became known as the Colby-Curtis Museum, named after important benefactors.

In 1992 the Society was given “Carrollcroft” a fine granite house built in 1859 and home to the Colby family of Stanstead for several generations. Included in the Colby bequest were the contents and furnishings of the house and an extensive and significant archive. Carrollcroft became the home of the Colby-Curtis museum, amalgamating the artefact collection the Society had accumulated since 1929 and the Colby donation.

The Society is administered by a Board of Directors elected at its annual meetings. The Board holds monthly meetings. An Advisory Council is made up of members of the local community.

"The mission of the Stanstead Historical Society is to collect, preserve and pass on a knowledge and appreciation of all people who have ever called our border community home. It is to maintain a record of the way each succeeding generation lived so that those who follow will be able to open a window on history and view the life and culture of those who have come before and learn from it."

This mission will be accomplished with the active involvement of the membership of the Society.

Its guiding principles include

  • making the Society's artefacts and archives accessible through a wide variety of programs and services
  • promoting excellence in research and exhibitions
  • promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of the area
  • working with other historical societies, museums, educational and community institutio

Annual business meetings with guest speakers, annual summer conference, management of the Colby-Curtis Museum, the SHS Archives, publishing a bi-annual Journal , participation in the activities of other Historical Societies in the Eastern Townships, la Fédération des Sociétés d'histoire du Québec, etc.

Membership to the Stanstead Historical Society is available on an individual, family and lifetime basis. Members of the society gain free entrance to the Colby-Curtis Museum, receive four issues per year of the Newsletter announcing upcoming events, gain use of our archive service at reduced rates.

Members will also have preference over non-members in attending various lectures combined with a light lunch in the museum's popular tea room at a reduced fee.

Membership Fees
Individual $25,00 per year
Family $35,00 per year
Life Member $500,00

For more information on membership, please contact us.

The Stanstead Historical Society

535 Dufferin Street
Stanstead, Québec, Canada.
J0B 3E0
Phone: 819-876-7322
Fax: 819-876-7936
E-mail: info@colbycurtis.ca or archives@colbycurtis.ca

Fédération des sociétés d'histoire du Québec

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First meeting of the Society
August 16, 1929

Registry Office First Museum location

Rock Island,
Barn Museum 1966-1992

Beebe, Museum 1973-1986


Stanstead, Museum 1986-1992




bi-annually since 1965